2 Timothy 2:15 admonishes the church ‘… to study to show itself approved …’, so alongside prayer, the teaching of the Word of God takes centre stage at Gateway Ministries.


Discipleship classes are available for those new to faith equipping participants with the building blocks for the start of their Christian journey.  Classes include:

  • Knowing who Jesus is and understanding the salvation process
  • Instruction on Why and How to Pray
  • Guidance on reading the Bible
  • Enjoying a fruitful, Christian life

These classes are interactive and encourage dialogue through questions and answers and mini tasks.  Discipleship classes typically run over 5 weeks.

“Baptism” is the next significant step in the new converts journey and classes are available to help each person to prepare for this important step; typically running over 2 – 3 weeks.

The NTCG subscribes to the principle of Church Membership as a means of promoting common understanding and unity amongst those affiliated to their congregations.  “Membership Classes” are therefore made available to all those who wish to make NTCG Gateway Ministries their home church.  These classes take participants through the NTCG’s Declaration of Faith, Doctrinal Commitments and Practical Commitments. We seek to ensure that participants are clear about the expectations and responsibilities that go with membership along with support they can expect to receive when they become a member.  Membership classes are typically run over 3 – 4 weeks.

The 2nd Tuesday of each month is dedicated to “Whole Church Teaching”. This is a form of Bible study that sees the whole church coming together to be taught and share in Bible topics related to our local church’s annual, God-inspired theme. Teachers are drawn from both inside and outside our local fellowship to ensure we enjoy the best learning experience and each session concludes with questions and answers.

In addition to the above, imparting and sharing in the Word of God is a consistent theme at Gateway Ministries in the different monthly, Homegroup meetings and the regular Youth and Children’s meetings.